Team angel Wolf

Team angel Wolf

21 Nov 2019

Nick and 12-year-old son Rio are Team Angel Wolf, who take part in extreme races to raise awareness of children with special needs

•We have lived in the UAE for over 20 years, we have made special friendships and connections here; friends who have become family. Our children were born here – it is our home! The country is developing in fast forward mode all the time and we see the progression with inclusion for People of Determination, which is so important to us.

•My family inspires me and teaches me, daily, in so many ways. My son, Rio, who, despite his disabilities and struggles, is always happy; he has found his passions in life. He lives in the now; he doesn’t harbour resentment or worry about tomorrow. He is pure.

•Rio cannot talk, so he has not given me verbal advice but he has been a role model for me from how he lives his own life – living in the now. After yesterday has happened, Rio leaves it, he never seems to contemplate tomorrow, and he just appears to live the moment he is faced with. That has to be a magical way to live.

•We live in The Sustainable City, Dubai. Just being a resident here, within nature, and infrastructure it has incredibly created, you know you are living amongst a project that is hugely helping with environmental issues.

•Next year, I look forward to more corporate support, the success and growth of #TeamAngelWolf, to help us help support our community more. We look forward to engaging more with the community, with our inclusive activities and races.