Teach Kids the Spirit of Ramadan

Get involved in the culture with locally designed Ramadan Calendars
Teach Kids the Spirit of Ramadan

Living here is a great opportunity to learn about other cultures. Take Ramadan: if you have children – or know any – a Ramadan Calendar will teach them a lot about the Holy month, whatever the family’s own beliefs.

Designed for children aged five to 11, the colourful calendars have 30 little doors, one for each day of Ramadan. Every day, after sunset, and having done a good deed, the child opens the door to discover a chocolate treat – an easy, fun way to learn the Ramadan principles of giving and helping others.

The calendars come in two styles – one with a range of good deeds already printed on it and the other left blank, so adults can decide on their own set of good deeds. Even better, the calendars were created right here in the UAE, by South African-born Kaye van Eijden, and they’re manufactured locally too, in compliance with Islamic regulations. Now there’s a nice cross-cultural mash-up!

INFO: The Ramadan calendars cost Dh49.50 from select supermarkets throughout the UAE. For more information visit www.ramadancalendars.me