The Taylors’ Flirt Fest!

Ahlan!’s body language expert analyses...
Wednesday , 16 December 2009
The Taylors’ Flirt Fest!

Ever since they hooked up earlier this year on the set of their new flick Valentine’s Day, we’ve been addicted to Taylor Lautner and Taylor “call me Swifty” Swift’s blossoming romance.

Despite boy-Taylor gushing about Swifty, “We get along great… we instantly clicked – she’s an amazing girl. Aside from being beautiful, she’s extremely funny, charismatic and fun to be around,” they’ve refused to publicly confirm they are an item. So, Ahlan! asked Dubai-based body language expert Michael Lorrigan* to assess their vital ‘hot for each other’ signs, and came up with the tres scientific equation that Taylor ² = Lurve.

See for yourselves...

Our expert says:

“Taylor may have his arms folded, but he is nevertheless relaxed. They are having a pleasant conversation. Some body language experts say that closed arms are ‘defensive.’ This is a total myth! What you have to look at is the whole message – including the face… In this picture the closed arms mean nothing except that he is standing in a position that is comfortable for him. In my opinion, this couple are currently enjoying a warm, intense relationship.”

“Even though their expressions are serious, they are slightly leaning towards each other, which indicates they are comfortable with each other. Their intense eye contact shows they are really listening to each other.”