Taylor Swift's Hollywood Master Plan

Watch out, T'Town men! Taylor Swift is ready to be a movie star
Taylor Swift's Hollywood Master Plan
Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift wants to be a movie star. The Love Story singer feels she has conquered the music world and is now ready to take on Hollywood.

A source told America's OK! magazine: "Taylor has wanted to be a movie star ever since she was a child. She started acting lessons when she was nine and has never forgotten her original dream. As soon as she's finished touring her album Red she's going to revamp her image adding a little more edge."

"She wants to move into acting while writing songs that aren't about her latest breakup. She wants to really make a difference and leave an impact on the world that will be remembered."

Taylor, 23, was also reportedly devastated when she failed to land a role in Les Miserables, despite trying out.

The source said: "Taylor was devastated not to land a job in Les Miserables because that would have been the perfect vehicle to showcase both her talents, her voice and acting."

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