Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift's family warns...

31 Jan 2011
By Ahlanlive.com

‘She’s Going To Kill Herself’

Taylor Swift’s family are on the verge of staging an intervention for the desperately thin singer, who is said has stopped eating following her split from Jake Gyllenhaal.

Pals are said to be so worried of the country singer’s increasingly fragile frame that they’re insisting she goes to rehab for help.

“She’s heading for a breakdown,” insisted a family friend. “She hates herself, after Jake broke her heart, she thinks she’s to blame. It’s really affected her self-confidence. She isn’t eating anymore and she’s working out like mad. Everyone’s petrified she’s going to kill herself if this phase continues.”

Sources insist Taylor, who dated Jake from October to December 2010, thought the Donnie Darko actor was ‘The One’, despite him clearly using her. “She was used from the start. Jake went through every agent to get Taylor’s number, so she assumed he was as besotted as her. She never thought he’d hurt her.”

Like her ex Joe Jonas, Jake dumped Taylor over the phone. “She was furious it happened that way again,” added a pal. “She doesn’t know what she did for him to just put a stop to it. She’s devastated. She’s blaming, and punishing, herself for it.”

Sources add that the 21-year-old felt betrayed when she saw Jake, 30, arriving at the Golden Globes with his ex girlfriend Jenny Lewis. “It was obvious Jake was cheating on her with Jenny,” insisted a source.

An insider spilled, “She’s incredibly depressed. Usually this mood helps her write but she’s not been creative, which is worrying her even more. She’s refusing to eat and is determined to change how she looks.” Adding, “She’s getting so thin that her parents are deeply concerned and demanding she gets help!”

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