Taylor Swift Tells John Cleese Off

Comedian got a taste of the pop star's feminist side
ByAhlan! Live ReporterSunday , 12 October 2014
Taylor Swift Tells John Cleese Off
Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift gave funnyman John Cleese a taste of her stern, feminist side when he poked fun at women during an appearance on Britain's Graham Norton Show on Friday night.
The two stars were bonding over their love of cats when the Monty Python star criticised her pet, Olivia Benson, asking, "How did it have the accident?" before adding, "That's the funniest looking cat I've ever seen", when Cleese told host Norton why he preferred cats to dogs.
He said, "They're unpredictable and cussed - like women."
Swift shot him a stern look and said, "Ooh, we don't wanna do that..."
Cleese previously admitted he was looking forward to joining Swift on Norton's sofa, tweeting, "I am looking forward to discussing cats with @taylorswift13 on @TheGNShow. She has 2, I have 3."

Ohoh John Cleese, better not mess with Taylor on that one!

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