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Taylor Swift says her feud with Katy Perry was 'written in the stars'

19 Sep 2019

Sagittarius vs Scorpio

Taylor Swift is convinced it was inevitable she and Katy Perry would fall out, because it's written in the stars.

The two singers became sworn enemies following a spat over a couple of backup dancers and took aim at each other in the lyrics to their songs.
Perry and Swift have since kissed and made up over tea and are now best pals, but the Me! singer insists they were born to challenge one another.

"We’ve had some really good conversations," Taylor tells Rolling Stone. "We were talking about how we've had miscommunications with people in the past, not even specifically with each other. She's like, 'I’m a Scorpio. Scorpios just strike when they feel threatened', and I was like, 'Well, I'm an archer (Sagittarius). We literally stand back, assess the situation, process how we feel about it, raise a bow, pull it back, and fire'.

"So it’s completely different ways of processing pain, confusion, misconception. And oftentimes I’ve had this delay in feeling something that hurts me and then saying that it hurts me."

She explains that process came in to play when Kanye West interrupted her speech at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards to protest her win.

"I can understand how people in my life would have been like, 'Whoa, I didn’t know that was how you felt', because it takes me a second.

"If you watch the video of the 2009 VMAs, I literally freeze. I literally stand there. And that is how I handle any discomfort, any pain. I stand there, I freeze. And then five minutes later, I know how I feel."