Taylor Swift the Man-eater

Taylor Swift could be using Harry Styles to get back at Conor Kennedy!
Tuesday , 04 December 2012
Taylor Swift the Man-eater
Taylor Swift

She may look innocent, but Taylor Swift has plenty of dating tricks up her sleeve! According to a UK weekly, Taylor, currently dating One Direction’s Harry Styles, could be using the British pop star to make her ex-boyfriend Conor Kennedy jealous! “It wouldn’t be surprising if this fling with Harry is all about Taylor trying to win Conor back. She still seems pretty into him. Taylor is still hung up on Conor, she says they only broke up because of her work schedule and his commitments,” a source told the magazine. Taylor and the Kennedy scion were glued together this summer but broke up in October, though sources say the two are still talking. If the rumours are true, they don’t seem to be bothering Harry! According to reports, he wants Taylor to perform with 1D and said, “Taylor honestly couldn’t be a sweeter person. She’s genuinely nice and extremely talented, and she deserves everything she has.” Let’s hope he’s right!

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