Taylor Swift likes them ‘tall and funny’

What the singing sweetheart looks for a in a fella
Tuesday , 09 February 2010
Taylor Swift likes them ‘tall and funny’
Taylor Swift likes tall and funny men

At almost six feet (she’s 5’11”), it’s no wonder that Taylor Swift likes her men tall. After a short-lived romance with another Taylor, Lautner that is, who measures in at five feet six inches, Taylor’s looking up when it comes to finding a boyfriend.

The Grammy winner tells OK!, "The bad thing about being tall is the majority of people are at a different eye level than you, and so you feel like you're looking down to talk to people, which is kind of unnatural - looking down to talk to people, and they have to look way up to talk to you.”

But height isn’t the Love Story singer’s only requirement in a boyfriend. She ranks a sense of humour at the top of her list of attributes in a guy. “Somebody who has a compatible sense of humour with me, that would be the most important thing” she tells the magazine.

Wonder who you’ve got your eye on, Tay.