Taylor Launter beats up Kanye

Actor gets revenge for girlfriend Taylor Swift
Monday , 14 December 2009
Taylor Launter beats up Kanye

TAYLOR LAUTNER got his revenge on KANYE WEST for interrupting his rumoured girlfriend TAYLOR SWIFT at the MTV VMAs, by beating up a mannequin lookalike of the rapper on live TV.

Just weeks after Swift namechecked the New Moon star when she guest hosted Saturday Night Live, Lautner addressed the pair's relationship during his own stint on the popular show.

He joked, "There are a lot of rumours out there about me being romantically linked to a famous country singer. I would like to address that. Reba (McEntire) and I are just friends."

Lautner then spoke out about his role in the VMA controversy, when Swift's acceptance speech was interrupted by West - while the actor watched just feet away.

Introducing a clip of the incident, he said, "I have also become close to a singer named Taylor Swift. I was actually at the VMAs the night she won the award and Kanye West interrupted her speech, I was actually onstage. I guess I could have done a little more."

Lautner then demonstrated the impressive martial arts moves he learned for his role in the Twilight sequel on a Kanye West mannequin.