Taxi driver beaten up in Dubai

Find out how the incident occurred
ByShreya BhatiaMonday , 17 August 2015
Taxi driver beaten up in Dubai
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A 24- year-old Emirati man has been jailed for three months after beating up a Dubai taxi driver over a seatbelt dispute.

The taxi driver had to drop the man from Morocco Street to Festival City.

According to reports by, during a session at the Dubai Courts, the Pakistani driver said that he requested the man to wear his seat belt, to which he refused. The man started eating in the taxi which was against the company policy. When the Emirati passenger finally reached his destination, he slammed his door “angrily.” The taxi driver asked the man the reason for his behavior to which he said, “I am Emirati.”

The Emirati man held the door of the taxi, even after the driver told him to shut the door repeatedly. When the taxi driver got out of the car to close it, the Emirati man beat him up.

The taxi driver held him down when two officers from Festival City came to help. Because of this incident the taxi driver allegedly now suffers from a permanent disability.

The Emirati was convicted of beating the Pakistani driver and now has two weeks to appeal to the court.

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