Tatt's All Folks!

21 Mar 2012
By Ahlanlive.com

From Kelly Osbourne to Angelina Jolie, T’Town’s stars are turning to laser to erase their past mistakes

Didn’t anyone ever warn T’Towners to think before they ink? Every couple of months we hear about another celeb sprinting to the tattoo parlour begging to have their loved one’s name prominently displayed on their neck or ankle. But a few years (or even months!) later, the same celeb is running back to have the tatts painfully removed! And it’s not just the spell of love sending A-listers to get inked, it’s also the ignorance of youth. Tough guy Mark Wahlberg wouldn’t beg for a Tweety Bird tattoo now that he’s a mature 40-year-old, but in his foolish youth, he thought getting a cartoon tatt was going to up his cool quotient! And let’s not forget the queen of tattoo removal, Angelina Jolie. She had the words ‘Billy Bob’ removed from her shoulder faster than we can say ‘ouch’.

Maybe stars should just go with henna tatts from now on – temporary ink seems far more appropriate for the average length of a celebrity marriage. Check out our round-up of celebs getting rid of their ink and the newest tatts in T’Town!

Who: Kelly Osbourne

The tatts: She has vowed to remove most of her 15 tatts including angel wings on her back, skulls on her feet, a red heart on her hip and a keyboard on her arm.

The back story: Explaining why she got so many tatts, Kelly said, “I was miserable and I just went and got all these tattoos and I don’t know why. One of them is a keyboard and I don’t even know how to play a piano!” No one to blame but yourself, Kelly! When Ozzy and Sharon’s daughter went in to get her first tatt removed, she tweeted, “Sat in a room waiting to have my first tattoo removal consultation looking at this huge laser machine! Only slightly s***ting it!”

Who: Mark Wahlberg

The tatts: Marky-Mark is in the process of having seven tattoos removed. His tatts include Tweety Bird and Sylvester the Cat cartoons on his leg, Bob Marley’s face on his left arm and his own initials and last name on his right arm.

The back story: The actor and dad-of-four already went in for laser treatment 20 times to get his tattoos removed. Last month he revealed that he brought his two oldest kids, Ella Rae, 8, and Michael, 5, along to watch so they’ll be too terrified to get inked in the future. Of the painful process, Mark told TV host Jay Leno, “It’s like getting burned with hot bacon grease... Hopefully that will deter them.”

Who: Angelina Jolie

The tatt: The words ‘Billy Bob’ on her left arm.

The back story: Ange is the ultimate example of a tatt gone wrong! When she was married to Billy Bob Thornton from 2000 to 2003, she had his name inked above a slithering green snake on her shoulder. She had it lasered off after their divorce. Of the tatt, she said “I’ll never be stupid enough to have a man’s name tattooed on me again.” Sorry Brad!

Who: Katie Price

The tatt: She’s getting her inked reference to ex-boyfriend Leandro Penna “Leo 27-02-11” permanently removed from her ankle. 

The back story:  ‘Jordan’ had the 26-year-old Argentinean model’s name tattooed on her ankle, along with the date they met at Elton John’s Oscar party last year. They split after seven months in October. Katy is following in the footsteps of her ex-hubby Peter Andre who famously had her name removed from his wedding finger in 2010 after Katie inked a big X over his name on her wrist. Classy!

Who: Eva Longoria

The tatts: Eva had all three tattoos related to ex-hubby Tony Parker removed – ‘Nine’ (Tony’s jersey number) from her neck, their wedding date on her wrist and his initials.

The back story: When a marriage is over, so is the ink that goes with it!  The Desperate Housewives star split with the San Antonio Spurs basketball player after three years of marital bliss and their divorce was finalised last year. To get those tatts off, Eva went to T’Town’s Dr Tattoff (we promise the name’s not a joke!) – the very best in the tattoo removal business. He must be a busy man.

New Year Ink Jobs

2012 is proving to be a popular year to get inked – check out the new body art in Tinseltown

Lindsay Lohan had ‘Live without regrets’ tattooed on her left hand.

LeAnn Rimes inked ‘the only one that matters’ on her foot as a tribute to hubby Eddie Cibrian.

Pregnant Jersey Shore star Snooki, real name Nicole Polizzi, showed off a new tattoo on her left shoulder, a cluster of leopard-print stars – it’s a ‘Shore thing.

Selena Gomez got a tiny heart inked on her wrist last month. As for the  word Justin? It’s written in pen!

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