Tats Not Fair!

Brad refuses to show fan his tattoos on TV
Sunday , 23 November 2008
Tats Not Fair!

BRAD PITT was left squirming during a recent taping of OPRAH WINFREY's talk show when a fan insisted on chatting to him about his tattoos.

The movie hunk was on the show promoting his new film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button with co-star Cate Blanchett when a devotee from Ontario, California, called Christina phoned to ask him to explain his skin art.

She asked, "I'm very interested in knowing the meaning of especially the iceman and the new one that you have of the Daniel Pearl quote."

And fun-loving Blanchett quipped, "And will you show them to us?" as nervous Pitt blushed and tried to avoid the question.

He refused to show off his tattoos, but offered, "If you have a partner... it's a great thing to do together, and it becomes personal and special in its own right and I'd rather just leave it at that."

But Oprah wasn't about to let the topic lie, asking the fan, "What are you talking about?" - to which the knowledgeable caller started describing her hero's skin art.

Christina said, "I just wanna know what was the idea behind it... I know you've got one on your tummy, don't make me go there!"

Brad chuckled and said, "Thank you for the question, I'm sorry I can't help you out anymore than that."