TARGET TRAINING: Svelte Shoulders

Want to make that outfit look hot? Then ditch those teeny shoulders for a toned physique
Iman Pasha
Iman Pasha
Kettlebell upright row Works
Kettlebell upright row Works
ViPR box pattern
ViPR box pattern
Omar Al-Duri
Omar Al-Duri

To get strong, slender shoulders. You might not realise this but if your shoulders are as strong as the rest of your body, not only will you look hot in any outfit but your sports performance is going to improve drastically too. A strong set of shoulders will improve posture, increase your balance and support other muscles such as your arms and back. So whether you’re running, cycling or even boarding at Ski Dubai, your shoulders contain a valuable set of muscles to keep in check.


1. Deltoids

2. Trapezius

Anatomy lesson The muscle that holds this all together is the deltoid which comes in three parts – anterior, medial and posterior. The anterior rotates the arm inward, the medial brings the arms out to the side and the posterior helps you move the arm backward. The trapeze muscles also do their part by helping to support your posture. They are the opposite number to your chest muscles.

Details You’ll need a TRX, kettlebell and ViPR. Find them at MeFitPro.

Shape reader model Head of Private Shopping at Boutique 1, Iman Pasha. Iman trains three times a week with Omar and is also busy training for the Dubai Marathon in January. “I do everything from circuits to heavy weights and boxing to pure cardio. I am a huge foodie so I need to counteract it somehow!” Tending to concentrate on building her cardio and strengthening her legs, up ’til now she’s avoided working out her shoulders. “I am so petite, I don’t want to have a bulky look but instead a more feminine and slender one,” she explains. However, Omar plans to show her that you can tone your muscles without turning into Arnie Schwarzenegger.

Kettlebell upright row Works shoulders, chest and arms

Stand with the legs apart, back straight and abdominal muscles contracted. Grasp the kettlebells with an overhand grip. Inhale and pull the kettlebell up along the body to chin level while keeping elbows horizontal. Lower in a controlled manner without abrupt movements exhaling at the end of the effort. Do 12 to 15 reps, two sets.

Trainer’s tip: If you want to take this up a notch, hold for five to 10 seconds at the top of each rep controlling the movement and focusing on technique. Do 12 to 15 reps and two sets.

ViPR box pattern Works shoulders, arms and core

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, Gradually raise the ViPR over your head. Inhale as you raise and exhale as you lower the ViPR. As you’re using both arms and holding the ViPR level, your body will be getting an even workout. The dominant side of your body has to work with the weaker side. Do 12 to 15 reps, two sets.

Trainer’s tip: If you want to work your abs as well as your shoulders, draw a square in the air with your ViPR.

TRX “I” deltoid fly Works shoulders, arms and lower back

Take a firm grip on the TRX, keeping your back straight and the stomach button pulled in. With heels planted on the ground and toes pointing forward, slowly lift the arms upwards. Keep the movement controlled and avoid swinging the straps. Your arms should follow an “I” shape. Once at the top of the movement, return to the starting point. Do 12 to 15 reps, two sets.

Trainer’s tip: One of the most effective things about the TRX is the way you can adjust the difficulty level. Once you’ve mastered the “I” shape, work the shoulders at different angles by making an L,V or even T shape with the TRX.

TRAINER’S STRATEGY “I created a circuit using functional training methods. If you use a machine, you can only workout the muscle from one set angle. With functional training you are able to attack those muscles from different angles. This means you’ll be able to build strength in those ‘stabiliser’ muscles as well as the main target muscle. These complex movements also mimic your actions in everyday life,” says Omar Al-Duri from Platform 3, Park Island, Dubai (