Tamara is Work Shy

Socialite trying to break down the myth
Monday , 26 September 2011
Tamara is Work Shy
Socialite and television personality Tamara Ecclestone

I’ve known Tamara Ecclestone from the London social circuit for many years. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing her a number of times and believe me she is a lovely girl!

But, that didn’t stop me from laughing when I read an article about her trying to break down the misconception that she’s work shy and lives of dad! She totally does.

She looked fab dressed in glamorous creations draped across a building site but work to her is like seeing Ivana Trump on the subway!

Tamara once told me that she does the odd modelling or TV job to get by – all the while living in multi million dirham homes and driving sports cars! And, she says she’s not a daddy’s girl?!? Erm! OK Tamara.