Tamara Al Gabbani

The social-media-savvy fashion designer put her personal stamp on the style scene
ByAhlan! Live ReporterThursday , 19 March 2015
Tamara Al Gabbani
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It’s exciting when an idea comes to fruition. My latest Jalabiya collection has been so well received!
DKNY brought me on board to style some looks for the Middle Eastern market. The eventual campaign, which I also modelled for, surprised everyone by going global. It even made the Oprah site. I was interviewed by a multitude of media outlets including Al Jazeera, Al Arabiya and CNN. 
I’m also a brand ambassador for Pepsi and the face of Sunsilk Arabia. 
It’s great to be noticed internationally. Selfridges and Westfield shopping centres in London have asked me to write fashion columns for their in-house magazines and websites. 
It’s always imperative to have a humanitarian angle to your work. I was involved in the Share a Touch of Love campaign that broke the Guinness world record by collecting 146,000 items of clothing in a single donation drive. 
Accept mistakes. Moving on means taking responsibility for the matter, closing it and then going forth with enthusiasm. 
Be your own hero. I never thought I could achieve all that I have been able to. 
There is no stopping me now. This year, I intend to be more active, achieve more, design more collections, produce my YouTube show, travel more, expand my spiritual knowledge, share lots of love and kindness and be a lot happier. 

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