Tam Khan

The fierce former Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter and founder of the TK brand, which includes the TK MMA & Fitness Gym...
Thursday , 29 March 2018
Tam Khan
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Tam Khan
  • I am an ex-professional MMA fighter turned entrepreneur and coach. I founded and own the TK brand, including the TK MMA & Fitness gym, TK Fight Night events and TK apparel. As well as this, I am a distributor for Quality Sports Nutrition supplements and Twinzz apparel in the region.
  • My biggest achievement in 2017 is getting the first Emirati athlete ever into a major international MMA promotion. We made history not only by taking part, but by winning. It paves the way for the next generation and puts the UAE on the map for international MMA.
  • The UAE is special due to its vision. I believe it’s the land of dreams. It used to be the US, but now it’s the UAE. Opportunities and networking are at its peak here. I feel it’s the future and it’s only just getting started.
  • I think life is too short to relax and let it pass by. I always want to go out and achieve my goals. I live by the quote “believe and achieve”!
  • This year I’m looking forward to making my supplement company QSN Supplements available in all major stores across the region. I will open another branch of my gym TK MMA & Fitness. Plus I’m making my debut in the movie industry.
  • My main goal and priority this year is to start a family – make Mini Tams.

Photo location: Fairmont The Palm, Dubai