Tam Khan

The professional fighter helping to shape a new generation
Wednesday , 05 April 2017
Tam Khan
© Shot on location at Kyo Restaurant and Lounge, Golden Mile, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai
Tam Khan
  • I’m a professional fighter and businessman and in the last year I’ve opened my own branded sports facility TK MMA & Fitness in Media City, Dubai, a mixed training area for combat and martial arts, cross training and conditioning. I also went to the Houses of Parliament to receive an award for British Asian Achievers, which was given by the British Government.

  • I have no typical day and that’s what I love most about what I do. I live spontaneously and take risks. One day I’m having an early breakfast in a hotel, the next I could be boarding a plane to Moscow.

  • Receiving positive feedback from people, being recognised for my work and being seen as a role-model to young aspiring fighters are the most rewarding elements of what I do. In addition to being dedicated and hard-working, it’s important to me to be true to myself and my values. 

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