Tala's Tips: Hair Colour 101

Here's some top hair advice that I've learnt along the way
ByTala SammanTuesday , 16 February 2016
Tala's Tips: Hair Colour 101
I love my shorter blonde-tinted locks
In the past few months I’ve jumped from purple and ocean grey to more classic blonde shades. And while it’s not to say I’ve had my fair share of bad experiences, in the past couple of months I’ve managed to maintain a healthy head of hair. I’ve had several people come up and ask me about my colour in recent weeks, so here’s my little tear-sheet guide.
It took me years to find my perfect match – I needed someone who cared about the health of my hair and understood what kind of look I wanted. Personally, Rachael from Slam in Al Quoz is the only person I see for colour these days and, trust me, she’s definitely worth the two-month waiting list! Always ask your colourist to use Olaplex (an additive that eliminates the reaction oxygen has with chemically treated hair that leads to breakage) to the mixture as it really does make the biggest difference when it comes to protecting the health of your hair. Tracey Cunningham, colourist to the stars, swears by it!
This is especially important after your colour, as it hydrates and maintains and is the perfect way to pamper yourself (the scalp massages are the best). I love Kevin Murphy treatments (an Aussie brand that doesn’t use parabens or sulphates) at Marquee salon, which has branches in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
A little trim will make the biggest difference because the ends are usually the most damaged, so try and go as regularly as you can. I love Tony El Mendelek for cuts – the legendary celebrity stylist from Lebanon who just opened his salon at the St Regis Hotel.
Invest in a good mask and leave it on in the shower for around seven minutes, or sleep in it. It really makes all the difference with hydrating dry and straw-like ends. I love Kérastase’s Chronologiste mask – you feel a change from the first use. Lastly, if your hair still feels dry in between washes, try an oil like L’Oréal’s Sublime on the ends. 

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