Tala Loves Endemage

I'm loving this regional brand
ByTala SammanThursday , 30 June 2016
Tala Loves Endemage
Throughout the month of Ramadan, I’ve dressed a little more conservatively – for a few reasons, such as respect for the people around me that are fasting, the culture and because I do take this time very seriously. I’m sure many can agree that dressing during Ramadan is not the easiest – I end up sticking to jeans. So this year I decided to really take in the month, and shop the exclusive collections, as well as wear the very few abayas I own!
I’ve been a huge fan of regional brand Endemage (created by two Omani sisters) for a few seasons now, and fell in love with their 2016 Ramadan collection, which is perfect for Eid, too. I love the fact that the pieces are traditional yet still have a modern twist. This year, I ended up celebrating my birthday during the Holy Month, so it was great finding a piece that was chic and special. INFO: Endemage.com 

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