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ByTala SammanMonday , 09 May 2016
Myfashdiary, Tala samman, Crossfit, Dubai fitness, Crossfit gold box
Myfashdiary, Tala samman, Crossfit, Dubai fitness, Crossfit gold box
Myfashdiary, Tala samman, Crossfit, Dubai fitness, Crossfit gold box
As you know, I love experimenting when it comes to fitness, but CrossFit was one of those workouts I never saw myself doing. Strength training was something I used to shy away from, partly because my goals are to build lean muscle, rather than bulk up.
This year, though, I’ve been adding more weights to my workout to build muscle in certain areas we all want (yes, the backside!), so I decided to give it a try. I was recommended to try CrossFit Gold Box in Al Quoz and as a first-timer with little heavy weight experience, it’s safe to say I was a little intimidated! As such, I decided to take my first five sessions as private classes with a lovely trainer named Claire. 
One of the biggest misconceptions I had about CrossFit – other than the fact that I’d bulk up – was that I’d injure myself carrying heavy weights, so I was pleasantly surprised to see that there were important steps to follow in order to avoid this happening. I worked with 45 pounds in my first session, with back squats and deadlifts, but once you get the right movements (I’m talking power cleans and split jerks – I’m all over the CrossFit lingo now!) it becomes a lot easier than you imagine. Each session starts with a warm up followed by the actual workout, which is very similar to circuit training – think skipping, burpees and kettlebell swings. They throw in some weights in low reps, too. The end of the session is one of my favourite parts; some skill work before the stretches. This would include a handstand, headstand, rope climbs and even pull-ups.
So what was the outcome? While I did build muscle, I loved the fact that CrossFit was actually a really tough workout, so you leave feeling accomplished. Also every session is different, so you never really get bored, which is key. Give it a go! INFO: CrossFit Gold Box, 04 338 7612, crossfitgoldbox.com

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