Taking On Everest With... Maria Conceicao

Get inspired by charity worker Maria Conceicao who's walked seven marathons in seven days and is now taking her fundraising efforts to the next level by climbing Everest
Taking On Everest With... Maria Conceicao

Charity worker Maria Conceicao walked seven marathons in seven days, and trekked to the North Pole to help raise funds for children in the slums of Bangladesh. Now she is taking her fundraising attempts to the next level by climbing Everest. She will start her climb on 1 April and hopes to summit the world’s highest mountain during the second or third week of May. By taking on the dreaded Khumba Icefall and pushing herself to the limit, Maria hopes to secure a USD1 million for the slum children so that they will have access to a decent education and be able to break the cycle of poverty. To find out more about the Million Dollar Baby Everest Challenge log onto mariacristinafoundation.org. The Maria Cristina Foundation is registered in UK and in UAE under the Red Crescent.

"My favourite warm-up exercise is a walk around Safa Park with my friend Caroline."

"My training is divided into two phases; one is the physical conditioning that I do in Dubai and the other is the technical training that I do in the mountains. In Dubai, I do intense strength and endurance sessions with Up And Running, and yoga classes with Gems of Yoga to improve my flexibility, as well as spinning, swimming and running sessions for cardio.”

"To simulate how one climbs high mountains, I climb the Torch building’s stairs on tip toe for over three hours each day. I do this while wearing a 29kg backpack.”

"To prepare for my Everest climb, I have climbed Kilimanjaro, Elbrus, Aconcagua and made an attempt of Denali.”

"I snack on energy drinks like 100 + and granola bars to help sustain a long day of walking. I also drink copious amounts of green tea and water.” 

"I am committed to honouring my promise to the Bangladeshi kids that I will provide them with a better life, education and opportunities, no matter what. This is my biggest motivation to keep going.” 

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