Tailgating on Dubai Roads? New Police Cameras Are Watching You!

Advanced new cameras on Dubai roads will spot tailgaters, penalties will follow
Monday , 24 March 2014
Tailgating on Dubai Roads? New Police Cameras Are Watching You!

Tailgaters on Dubai roads, beware! Advanced new police cameras will be on the lookout for motorists who don't maintain enough space between their car and other cars on the roads of the emirate.

Dubai Traffic Police Deputy Director Colonel Saif Al Mazroui revealed that one such camera had already been installed and successfully tested on Hassa Road while 50 more of them would be installed in 2014 and 100 in 2015.

Arabic daily Emarat Al Youm reported  Colonel Mazroui as saying that the new camera (nicknamed The Tower) could detect drivers who come closer than 200 metres to other vehicles on motorways and other open streets with relatively high speed limits.

The cameras (which are black and grey in colour) have eight lenses and can distinguish between small and large vehicles in addition to taxi cabs and other cars. Each of the categories is assigned a set speed limit.

Mazroui added that tailgating related incidents caused 22 deaths and 426 injuries in the previous year on Dubai's roads.

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