Tagliolini Crab

16 Dec 2011
By Ahlanlive.com

Chef Francesco Gurracino prepares a tasty spaghetti for crab-lovers

Born in Sorrento to a family of chefs including a Michelinstar father, Francesco Gurracino has brought his understanding of Italy’s differing regional cuisines to Dubai at Bice Mare in Souk Al Bahar. Delivering authentic Italian dishes can be a challenge, hence he has recruited a 10-strong all Italian team of chefs from the prestigious Italian chefs federation, Federazione Italiana Cuochi to cook specialty dishes faithful to their respective regions.

Here Francesco shares a dish from Ischia, a small island near Capri off the southern coast of Italy, where crab fishing is a traditional pastime.

Tagliolini crab

250g fresh Tagliolini pasta
2 zucchini (sliced in half moon shapes)
300g sweet cherry tomatoes (cut in half)
1 large crab
1 clove garlic
Extra virgin olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste
30g wild rocket

Serves: Two

1. In a pan on medium heat warm the oil with garlic until golden. Remove the garlic and add the sliced zucchini. Let cook for 2 minutes and add the cherry tomatoes cooking slowly for 5 minutes.
2. Boil the crab for a few minutes in salted water. Crack it open, pour the liquid and pulp in the pan with the zucchini and cherry tomatoes. Boil the tagliolini for a few minutes until al dente and drain.
3. Add to the sauce and mix.
4. Toss with extra virgin olive oil and finish with rocket on top.

Chef’s Tips Cracking open crabs is easier than you think. Simply use the back of a knife to break the head off. Extract the crab pulp.

For fish-based dishes, make sure your olive oil is extra virgin and not too acidic - best found in Southern Italian oils.