Taboo in the UAE

12 Apr 2012

The Black Eyed Pea chatted with us about crazy tour days, fashion and life after the band

You will know Taboo as the crazily dressed singer who used to jump around onstage with The Black Eyed Peas. Well, now he is branching out with his solo work, including creating a name for himself as a DJ, touring the world with his ‘Taboo Experience’, and even starting an acting career! He stars with Cheryl Cole and Cameron Diaz in upcoming flick What To Expect When You’re Expecting. We caught up with him before his performance at Cavalli Club last week.

Welcome to Dubai! You’ve been here before, what keeps you coming back?
I love Dubai. I remember how beautiful and respectful the people are, how diverse the cultures are, and, being married to a Filipina, I notice that there are a lot of Filipinos here. We last came here with The Black Eyed Peas in 2006. We just partied, that’s all I remember. That was a very hazy time for me. Back then I used to get really out of control and I would just be in a daze.

You’ve been sober for five years. Is it hard being on the party scene now?
The first year was difficult. The second year was easy, and now it doesn’t faze me. I get high on life, being on stage and performing, and [because of] my kids and my wife. I can appreciate life now. I actually wrote a book on it, you should check it out. It’s called Falling Up.

What’s the craziest things you guys got up to while touring?
Playing practical jokes on other bands, like we did with Simple Plan. I remember this one time when we were in Australia and our rooms were together so we took all of their furniture and food out of their room. So when they came back in it was an empty room. They were like, “What the **** man?!” And then we had a fruit fight with them. It was really quite funny.

Working with Fergie, did you guys treat her like one of the guys or were there any backstage romances?
The thing about Fergie is that she’s a tomboy, definitely. She’s rough, she’s rock’n’roll, she’s more like one of the guys.

Most of our readers will know about your work with The BEP but may not know so much about your solo work. Tell us about it.
Right now I’m presenting the world with my ‘Taboo Experience’, which is my DJ set consisting of dancing, MCing, singing, interaction with the crowd and also unveiling some unreleased tracks that I’m working on for my solo project. Of course, I’ve got to do a couple of Black Eyed Peas songs as well to get the people excited about it, but mostly it’s about presenting me as an individual.

We love your crazy sense of style. What inspires you?
Thank you. Right now I’m really into sports. I’m really into belts, like crazy fresh belts. Colour co-ordinating is very important. It all starts with my shoes! Today I’m wearing white Air Jordans, so I have added splashes of white.

You star alongside Cheryl Cole in What To Expect When You’re Expecting. What’s she like?
Cheryl was such a sweetheart on set, we had a great time doing all our scenes and building our friendship. She’s like a sister too, she’s kind of like Ferg where you can just hang out. It’s a very organic and strong connection as a sister. I can’t wait to see that movie.

How about Cameron Diaz?
Cameron’s a good friend of mine too. She’s amazing, really down-to-earth. She’s a big Hollywood star but she’s a person you can just hang out with. I appreciate what she does for the Latin community too, cos she’s Cuban.

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