Taboo in the UAE: Designer Abeer Al Suwaidi Dishes on Her New Collection

Taboo in the UAE: Designer Abeer Al Suwaidi Dishes on Her New Collection

17 Mar 2014

The Emirati designer reveals what to expect from her new line Taboo, her pick of the UAE's best dressed ladies and top tips for stylish dressing

As Abeer Al Suwaidi's new collection Taboo launches on 18 March 2014, check out our chat with the Emirati designer... 

Why call your collection Taboo?
I called my new collection Taboo as, this time, I have mixed together different concepts and materials that are generally not likely to be put together. Taboo takes me to another dimension where I can show off my creative thinking and express the way I perceive art and fashion.

How's it going to be different from your other collections?
Taboo shows more of my imagination and originality. Fashion is inexhaustible and I want my clients to go through a new experience every time they wear one of my pieces. I have four different collections that are part of the overall theme – Taboo. I've named these magic, tribal, art pieces and glass.

Who do you think are the best dressed ladies in the UAE?
Most of the ladies in the UAE are very well dressed but I must say that I think Salama Alabbar is one of the best dressed. She has a varied style. at the same time it matches our tradition in terms stylish clothing.

Which Hollywood star do you think desperately needs a stylist?
There are some Hollywood starlets that definitely need a stylist, but I prefer to highlight some icons that are an inspiration to me, like Madonna and Lady Gaga.

What are your top three tips for stylish dressing?
1. Take a risk
2. Mix and match
3. Always wear a piece that stands out, like neon shoes!