Rachel Hunter

T’Town’s Intolerant

07 Sep 2010
By Ahlanlive.com

The celeb secret to beating the bloat!

Posh dodges cheese, Rachel Weiszwon’t touch wheat, while former super Rachel Hunterbans milk. But before you assume these A-listers are just following another faddy Hollywood diet, it might surprise you to learn that there’s actually a science behind their fussy eating. They’ve achieved their super-hot bods by targeting and eliminating their food intolerances – foods which cause them bloating, discomfort, or which they find difficult to digest.

Ban the bloat
But before you jump on the trendy ‘wheat intolerant’ bandwagon, be aware that food intolerances vary significantly from person to person, so it’s important to get tested before you cut a valuable food group from your diet. It could be something as simple as cress that’s contributing to your cankles, or even fruit that’s filling you out, if you’re gorging on something you’re intolerant to.

The test
The IMUPRO 300 test, available at the Dubai Herbal Treatment Centre, tests your blood against 270 different foods, to see what you should and should not be eating.

“Firstly, food intolerance is not the same as having a food allergy,” explains Dr Maria Ridao Alonso from DHTC. “So, even if cheese doesn’t make you sick and bread doesn’t bring you out in a rash, they could still be seriously slowing down your digestion and contributing to that bloated tummy or big behind.”

The treatment
Luckily, 80 per cent of people can recover from intolerances, once their body has a break, so it’s just a matter of temporarily cutting out the offending food for six months to a year, depending on the severity of the intolerance. The IMUPRO 300 test grades your intolerances from levels one to four, with four meaning you need to wait a year before slowly reintroducing the food, once your body’s had time to recover.

Dr Maria’s get skinny rules
Carb curfew:No carbs after 5pm and no food after 7pm. “Your body needs a long period overnight to process the food you’ve eaten. Plus, the later you eat, the less time you have to burn those calories off.”

Dinner-free night:“One night a week, ditch dinner. You’ll be amazed how much of a difference cutting it out makes. The big gap between lunch and breakfast the next day gives your body time to rest and digest. It’s also great
for anti-ageing as it allows your body to release more growth hormones.”

Three square meals a day:“Don’t snack! Whenever you’re eating, your body isn’t burning fat. You’re never going to lose weight if you’re constantly snacking.”

Ditch the juice: “I see so many people who think they’re being healthy by drinking lots of fruit juice. It’s packed with sugar. Cut it out and stick to water.”