Taylor Swift

Swift Justice!

14 Sep 2010
By Ahlanlive.com

Aoife Stuart on Taylor Swift getting the last laugh as she leaves Kanye hanging

Taylor Swiftmay have had audiences at Sunday nights VMAs fooled into thinking she had forgiven Kanye Westfor his now infamous interruption at last year’s show, but insiders at the showbiz bash have spilled that behind-the-scenes the 20-year-old was intent on making the rapper sweat!

Before Taylor took to the stage at LA’s Nokia Theatre (where she amped up the sweeter-than-thou act, performing barefoot and telling the star-studded audience Kanye is ‘still growing, but innocent,’) she was reportedly in talks to duet with her former nemesis in a bid to put their catastrophic clash at the 2009 VMAs behind them. But not only did Swifty ultimately refuse the offer, but she reportedly left Kanye hanging on until the very last minute before telling him to stick his duet! Well, what d’ya know? Who’d have thought that behind that butter-wouldn’t-melt, girl-next-door image, Taylor had a bitchy pageant queen inside of her, just bursting to get out. But come to think of it, so has Kanye...