Swarms of locusts swarm Saudi Arabia

Swarms of locusts swarm Saudi Arabia

23 Feb 2020

This video is scary!

Locusts have invaded every region across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The insects arrived from nearby countries, which have struggled to limit the spread of the vast swarms.

Saudi authorities have doubled the daily aerial sprayings to combat the locusts.

Mohammad Al-Shammrani, director of combating locusts and plagues at the Ministry of Environment, Agriculture and Water, told Arab News that the swarms came from East Africa.

Red locusts can be ferocious and eat crops.

The swarms attacked crops in Jazan, Asir, Al-Baha, Al-Leith, Qunfodah and Makkah and were combated by specialized teams. The environmental conditions in these regions allowed the locusts to mature quickly and lay eggs.

“We’ve combated locusts on a daily basis from the beginning of January to the end. We exterminated the first generation of the swarms, which attacked Jazan all the way to the Makkah region. We targeted two swarms of locusts in Qunfodah and Al-Leith,” he said.