Suspect in Prince Charles Murder Plot detained!

The man has been ordered to be held in a mental hospital
ByHend FadelWednesday , 23 December 2015
Suspect in Prince Charles Murder Plot detained!
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The suspect has been detained in a mental institution

A British man who plotted to kill Prince Charles has been detained indefinitely in a mental institution.

Mark Colborne was arrested last year and found guilty of terrorism offences following a trial this year in September after detailing his plan to gun down the heir to the British throne in his diary. He was also accused of acquiring chemicals to make cyanide for an alleged plot to murder victims from ethnic minorities.

Colborne was remanded in custody following his conviction and during a hearing at London's Old Bailey court on Tuesday, Judge John Bevan QC learned that the 37-year-old had been diagnosed with a personality disorder, depression and paranoid psychosis, and ordered Colborne to remain under the care of doctors at secure medical facility Ravenswood in Hampshire, England.

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