Susan Boyle's not Used to Her 'Posh House'

The singing sensation admits she's never slept overnight in her new mansion - bless!
Wednesday , 19 October 2011
Susan Boyle's not Used to Her 'Posh House'
Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle might be a millionaire now but the popular singer remains modest at heart. She’s admitted that she’s never slept overnight in her new mansion because leaving her childhood home took her out of her "comfort zone".

The 50-year-old, who shot to fame after impressing the judges on TV talent show Britain's Got Talent, last year purchased a five-bedroom estate in West Lothian, Scotland, just steps away from the humble house she once shared with her family.

Reportedly, she moved back into her childhood home in April this year because she felt out-of-touch with the local community, but revealed that she has never spent a whole night at her luxurious new property, which she jokingly refers to as "The Posh House".

Inviting cameras from the US breakfast show Today into her two homes, she explained, "The big house down the street isn't really me because I'm not the type of person to live in a big mansion. When I'm back in this space, my mum and dad's, I still feel close to them. I still have a lot of nice memories in this house. I feel (like) this is my comfort zone."

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