Susan Boyle's Epilepsy Battle Revealed

13 Dec 2011

Susan Boyle suffered fainting fits, and was tormented by her classmates

She’s got the world at her feet today, but singing
sensation Susan Boyle’s early years were the stuff of nightmares. In school, Susan
suffered fainting fits after she was diagnosed with epilepsy. Combined with her
learning disabilities, this made life even more difficult.

SuBo has previously revealed that she was teased and
tormented by classmates while growing up in her native Scotland, being targeted
because of her learning disabilities.

She has now shared that her problems were heightened when
doctors told her that she was suffering with the neurological disorder, which
is characterised by seizures.

Susan tells the Daily Mail's Weekend magazine, "I
was protected in cotton wool. They (parents) thought they were doing the right
thing. They called me touchy. At school I used to faint a lot. It's something
I've never talked about. I had epilepsy.

"People in the public eye don't have things like that.
All through my childhood they'd say epilepsy is to do with mental function. And
now I realise it's not. I was up against all those barriers. It wasn't

It certainly wasn’t easy, but the star obviously triumphed
against the odds. More power to her!