Suri world!

She stays up later than half the Ahlan! staff, is never disciplined and medicines are banned. Welcome to Suri world...
Wednesday , 12 March 2008
Suri world!

Arguably one of the world's most famous celebuspawns - up there with Shiloh and Kingston - Suri Cruise's every public move has been well documented, from her trips across Europe to visit daddy on set to the rumour that she was being named as the new face of Baby Gap.

But one thing has been kept ruthlessly under wraps - the secrets of Suri's Scientology home life... until now!

Ahlan! reveals all about how the Scientolotot is being raised - and why she never gets told off.

Considered an adult
According to the rules of Scientology, Tom Cruise believes that Suri has already lived for billions of years and, therefore, is considered an adult. This explains why the tot, who will be two next month, is frequently seen selecting her own toys at expensive stores and shopping at boutiques with mummy in Paris, taken to see the Spice Girls in concert and allowed to stay up past 11pm - going to bed when she feels like it, according to US mag, Star.

Medicines not allowed

Suri's diet is 100 per cent organic, which she adhered to even though her first birthday was held at a pizza parlour. And, in accordance with L Ron Hubbard's personal recipe, she drinks only water or a mix of boiled barley water and corn syrup. And if she gets ill, she is treated with herbs and not allowed any medicines.

No discipline

The little TomKitten is never told off or rebuked for bad behaviour as per Scientology rules.

"So he tears up his shirt, wrecks his bed, breaks up his fire engine. It's none of your business," L Ron Hubbard wrote in his childrearing handbook, Child Dianetics, meaning that Tom and Katie consider themselves "friends" of their daughter rather than parents. "It's all about being positive and supportive," said a pal. Adding that children are simply told that bad behaviour is the "wrong action".

No TV or internet

Suri isn't allowed to watch television, which has also been banned from Tom and Katie's houses, and neither is the little girl allowed access to computers. And after discussions with Scientology bigwigs, Tom has decided that, when Suri gets older, her Internet use will be heavily monitored in case she comes across any anti-Scientology sites.

Have a Grammy birthday
Uber-producer and DJ, Mark Ronson - who scooped three Grammys at the recent awards - is rumoured to have been booked to perform at Suri's second birthday on April 18.

"Mark DJ'd at [Tom and Katie's] wedding in November 2006 and they're all big fans of his music," spilled an insider. "Suri is going through a phase at the moment where she loves to dance so they thought it would be ideal for Mark to DJ - Suri can bop away and the adults can enjoy it too."

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