Suri’s Burn Book

It's not the real Suri Cruise but a hilarious blogger using her name who has us in stitches
Wednesday , 07 March 2012
Suri’s Burn Book
Suri Cruise

The sharpest tongue in T’Town is Suri Cruise! Well, not the actual Suri, but the author of hilarious blog Suri’s Burn Book. We love the way Suri mocks parents Tom and Katie, has a rivalry with Blue Ivy Carter and picks on the wardrobes of other celebrity offspring. Check out some of our favourite quotes below!

On Kourtney Kardashian’s pregnancy: “Watch out universe – Kourtney Kardashian is having a girl. Should we expect Kourtney’s daughter to receive a traditional K name (such as Kelsey, Kristin, or Kill-Me-Now)... Ugh, I could not possibly care less.”

On Harper Beckham’s wardrobe: “I wish Harper would get over the shapeless shift dress trend already. Perhaps something with a more youthful silhouette next time?”

On Leni Klum’s fashion: “I know your world is crazier than a Kardashian dinner party. But that doesn’t excuse pairing bunchy tights with Crocs.”

On Kingston Rossdale’s trousers:  “Here’s a photo of Kingston Rossdale touching a live fish with his bare hands and ruining any possibility of shaking my hand, ever. The only thing grosser than fish-grabbing is… those pants, actually.”

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