Superstar Shape Ups

From time at the barre to hitting the boxing ring - here’s how Hollywood get their bods ready for the biggest night out in Tinseltown!
Wednesday , 16 February 2011
Superstar Shape Ups
Anne Hathaway


The Workout:
Hosting the Oscars is no easy task, and Anne’s stepped up her existing fitness regime in preparation for one of the most prestigious gigs of her career. The 29-year-old star has once again been buffing up with celeb trainer Ramona Braganza, who was responsible for transforming her into super fit, butt-kicking Agent 99 in Get Smart. Training like an athlete to add muscle and lose inches, the Love and Other Drugs star has been working out two hours a day, five days a week for the past six months to get her into the best shape of her life. Combining weight training, intense rowing and running on the elliptical machine, Anne’s lithe and lean body is now one of the most envied in tinseltown.

Anne's Essential Exercise:
Plie squat with hammer curl and shoulder press
1. Stand with feet slightly wider than hips distance apart. Turn your toes out and your heels in. Grasp a dumbbell in each hand, holding your hands at your sides, palms facing your hips.
2. Bring your body weight back into your heels as you bend your knees, and squat down while pushing your bum out.
3. As you squat down, curl your arms towards your shoulders, keeping elbows to your sides.
4. Hold the plie squat as you press your arms overhead. Lower your arms in the reverse order that you raised them. Extend your legs and return to start.
5. Complete 20 -30 reps.

The Diet:
Vegetarian, high protein and super lean, - which means egg white and steamed vegetable burritos for brekkie. Yum!


The Workout:
46-year-old Sandy has a bod that shames women half her age, but works extra hard in the lead up to the Oscars to ensure she looks even better than usual. Training with LA based Eden Paul, who got her into knockout shape for her role in The Proposal, Sandra works out five times a week, combining Pilates and kick boxing with weight training and Plyometrics, interspersed with running and cycling - hence that incredible, age defying figure of hers.

Essential Exercise:
Reverse Lunges
1. Facing forward, step back into the basic lunge position, with one leg approximately 30cm behind you.
2. Bend the knees and descend onto the front leg, allowing the back knee to almost hit the ground.
3. Keep the weight on your front heel, keeping your torso straight.
4. Push back up with the back foot, and return to standing position.
5. Change legs, and repeat, swapping legs each time.
6. Complete 20-30 lunges on each leg.

The Diet:
Sandy’s a long-term fan of The Zone diet, so chicken, fish, brown rice and steamed vegetables are on the pre-Oscars menu.


The Workout:
Gnomeo and Juliet star Emily is another celeb to credit the benefits of the barre - the ballet one, obviously- with her amazing awards season body. After spending months on a grueling diet and fitness regime for her role as a ballet dancer in The Adjustment Bureau, Emily’s continued dancing to keep her as lean and lithe for the red carpet as possible. Undertaking training sessions at the Tracy Anderson Studio in New York, Emily’s tough ballet bootcamp classes include cardio, sculpting and resistance work, designed to elongate her frame, define her muscles and help to maintain her newly acquired dancer’s body.

Essential Exercise:
The Power Curl
1. Stand with your feet slightly wider than hip width apart, with a 3kg weight in each hand.
2. Extend your right arm straight out to the side at shoulder height, keeping your left arm down at your side.
3. Shrug your left shoulder towards your ear, release, then bend your right elbow and curl weight under your right armpit as you entend left arm out to the side at shoulder height.
4. Switch sides, completing 30 reps on each side.

The Diet:
Lean and clean is Emily’s diet mantra - which means no processed carbs, lots of protein and veg, and tons of green tea.


The Workout:
Cameron’s super toned body was buffed into even better shape for her supersleuth secretary role in The Green Hornet, but her fitness regime in the lead up to awards season is just as tough. Working with longtime personal trainer Teddy Bass, 38-year-old Cam hits the gym ‘as often as possible’ to maintain her terrifically toned physique. “Cameron’s workout of weights, Pilates and cardio is the best combination for women over 30’” revealed Teddy. “Weight training is essential for building muscle, while Pilates works on elongating and keeping your body small.” Cam’s pins may well be under wraps for the big night, but she’s still working hard on her most famous assets. Her flawless legs are being honed with compound exercises including step ups with a reverse lunge, squats with a curtsy, and side lunges with a side step, whilst those awesome, wobble free arms are courtesy of reverse flies, tricep dips and tricep kick backs.

Essential Exercise:
Jumping Kick
1. Stand with feet hip-width apart, fists in front of chest
2 Jump wide to the right, landing on the right leg with
left leg crossed behind, as
if curtsying.
3 Return to standing, kicking left leg in front.
4 Tap left foot down and jump to left, landing on left foot with right leg crossed behind. Kick with right leg, then tap down to complete
one full repetition.

The Diet:
Cam eats 5 small, protein packed
meals a day, washed down with a
protein shake snack