Superstar DJ Deadmau5 Surprises Fans As Impromptu Taxi Driver

DJ registers as a driver for Uber in Toronto
ByJack Hardwick Sunday , 14 September 2014
Superstar DJ Deadmau5 Surprises Fans As Impromptu Taxi Driver
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Deadmau5 took a break from music to become a Uber driver

You would think Deadmau5 would be happy to be driven around between gigs and the recording studio, but it appears the DJ has had enough of being the passenger, after he signed up to be a driver for luxury taxi firm Uber.

Uber users in Toronto, Canada were shocked to find their normal Uber from work had been replaced by Deadmau5 in his white McLaren 650S. Passengers were not only able to be driven around by the DJ, but also got to ride in the $265,000 (Dhs970,000) car which goes from 0-60pmh in an impressive 3 seconds.

Perhaps Deadmau5 has decided on a career change after being locked in a legal battle with Disney, who want the star to stop wearing his trademark mouse ears during sets.

Wisely the Canadian DJ decided to leave his mouse ears at home for his driving stint though was happy to chat away to customers about a range of topics from his cats to fast food giant Burger King.

It seems Deadmau5 enjoyed his time in the driver seat, as after he tweeted ‘Well that was fun... gunna keep the app handy ...never know when I get bored n might wanna go out for a spin."

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