Supersize Me

Supersize Me

30 May 2011

Pump up the volume girls - Hollywood’s summer hairdos are huger than ever!

If you had any reservations as to what to do with your hair this season, a quick glimpse at Hollywood’s red carpets should leave you in no doubt - buy as much hairspray as you can get your hands on. Big, impossibly bouncy hair has been the failsafe for glamorous girls for many a season, but this summer, hair has never been huger. From the original turbo-teased purveyor Cheryl Cole, whose seemingly bionic backcombing abilities have reached even greater heights, to Jennifer Lopez, whose head of enormous tumbling curls defy the laws of gravity, the message is clear - if your hair is flat, you ain’t all that. But while a ferocious mane of voluminous waves looks like the ultimate in high maintenance hairstyling, supersizing your strands to celebrity standards isn’t as tough as it would seem. With a battalion of volumising products, some hardcore curlers and a trigger-happy hairspray policy, creating a big, beautiful barnet (and getting it to stay that way in summer’s unforgiving 50 degree sweat-fest) is just a few simple steps away!

Hair Heroine
Salon Ink’s Sharon Anderson

1. Apply volumising mousse to freshly washed hair, tip head upside down and blast dry.
2. Section off the hair and curl using a large curling iron, brushing through with a soft bristle brush.
3. Starting at the nape, take large sections of hair and gently backcomb close to the scalp, creating a cushion. Repeat over the whole head, spraying lightly as you go.
4. Once you reach the forehead, brush hair straight back and finish with plenty of firm hold hairspray.

Hair Heroine
Salon Ink’s Kelly Cyndrowski

1. Apply volumising mousse to freshly washed hair, tip upside down and blast dry.
2. Put hair in medium size heated rollers, using flexible hold hairspray as you go.
3. Once rollers have cooled, remove and part the hair down the middle, gently brushing with a soft bristle brush. Finally, apply a little mattifying powder and loosen the curls using your fingers.

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