Charlie rescues Brooke from ‘extreme’ rehab by private jet!
Tuesday , 09 August 2011
Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen
Brooke Mueller
Brooke Mueller

In a stunt that could well have come straight out of a (slightly dysfunctional) super-hero movie, rehab alumni Charlie Sheen last week staged a dramatic rescue from a controversial Mexican clean-up clinic in an attempt to help ex-wife Brooke Mueller finally beat her addiction woes – and potentially rekindle their bizarre relationship.

Having already undergone 45 days in rehab, which sadly proved unsuccessful, desperate Brooke twice tried to leave the States to go on an ‘extreme’ rehab in Mexico in a last-ditch attempt to rid her body of its addictions to illegal substances and toxins.

Paris Hilton’s close friend Brooke first boarded an LA flight bound for Cancun on July 12, but got off the plane before it left the gate. Her second attempt just days later was also a failure after she turned up without a passport. Sources told Radar Online: ‘She was convinced that was a sign to not go to Mexico. Brooke was aware that Ibogaine – the drug they’d be treating her with in Mexico, which is currently illegal in the US – is very dangerous, and could potentially do her more harm than good.’ But troubled Brooke finally made it across the border on her third attempt, claiming she was confident the intense rehab programme employed at the facility would help “rewire” her brain, and break her destructive addiction habits.

But 45-year old Charlie was worried that the radical treatment centre in Cancun was dangerous, and “Could even kill her.” On hearing news of his ex-wife’s departure, Charlie jumped on his private jet, flew to Mexico, picked Brooke up and brought her back to the States so she could undergo the same rehab he went through – all within 12 hours of her arriving south of the border. What a hero!

Installing 33-year-old Brooke at a secret location, Charlie has brought on board a team of expert doctors to give Brooke the same treatment he had when bosses of TAAHM ordered him into rehab – and will be footing the bill for every dirham of her medical care.

More shocking still are reports that newly-divorced Charlie and Brooke are trying to patch-up their car-crash of a relationship for the sake of their twin sons. Following Brooke’s dramatic rescue, the estranged couple spent the following Sunday together at Sheen’s Hollywood home, and enjoyed some quality time with their two year old boys, Bob and Max – even posing in a family portrait that was later released online.

‘Harmony is our goal’ spilled Charlie to celebrity gossip website TMZ. ‘Sunday was a wonderful start.’

And it looks like Charlie is making a real effort to bring his family back together, with suggestions he plans to move one-time actress Brooke into a property close to his home once her intensive rehab treatment has been completed later this month.

Will it work out? For the sake of the couple’s adorable twin boys, we sincerely hope so.