Summer must be here! (Matt McC took his shirt off)

An intellectual retrospective of that barometer of summertime... shirtless Matthew!
Wednesday , 25 June 2008
Summer must be here! (Matt McC took his shirt off)

As famous for his frothy movie career as he is for his hippy-ish way of life, Matt McConaughey officially kicked off summer last week, when he ditched his top to show off his trademark abs for the first time this year! The soon-to-be first-time father donned red flower shorts for some pre-baby time with the boys in Malibu, meaning summer is well and truly here.

To celebrate, Ahlan! looks at the many facets of shirtless Matt's life...

Surf dude Matthew

Beach bum Matthew, is a major surfing fan, and often parks his airstream trailer up at the beach to catch some waves with pals. He even once starred in a movie called, Surfer Dude.

Receding Matthew

Think back to last year, when, as Matt's top came off, maybe something else up top was coming off too! But the star used a series of well-placed headbands to conceal his receding hairline, before a rumoured transplant brought him back to full head of hairsville! (But we kinda like the bandana...)

Jogging Matthew

Summer means sweating, and summer for Matt means sweating big style. The 38-year-old fitness freak makes the most of the hot months by taking his exercise regime outside on the streets and for lengthy hikes through the Hollywood Hills, where he's usually to be spotted working out with his besties Lance and Jake G.

Grizzly Matthew

When the boy wants to let himself go, he can't rely on that tried'n'tested route most non-celeb men take - developing a beer gut. Instead, Matt goes for a grizzly beard to show the world that he's on vacation and going back to nature. Grrrr to that!