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Monday , 21 March 2016
Sumati Menda
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Sumati Menda
• is the UAE’s very first online veggie guide and user portal, listing over 3,000 vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. For me, it has been purely a passion project, I have no technical background. Since I’m in uncharted territory, I learn new things every day.  
• You should never be afraid to ask people questions, no matter how ridiculous they may sound. You never know, you may get a great lead or suggestion out of it. You learn though mistakes and experience. 
• In my spare time I do as much reading as I can about other tech start-ups to try and pick up on some strategies for moving forward. I’d like to launch the VeggieBuzz app and have expanded my portal outside of the UAE by the end of the year.
• My father always tells me: “Make a decision.” Your decision might not always be the right one, but it will give you valuable experience you can learn from. 
• Motivational speaking just comes naturally to my father, he keeps me going. The best thing about him is his ability to see opportunities everywhere and to always look at the positive side of every situation.
• Being a foodie, I absolutely love the food in the UAE! I really feel that Dubai has become the region’s gastronomic capital and a new restaurant or café opens almost every day. You never run out of new places, cuisines and concepts to try.
• Friday is my favourite day of the week, and as far back as I can remember my family and I have always spent the afternoon together over a home-cooked lunch. 
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