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Style Q&A With Elisabete Reis in Qatar

17 Mar 2014

One of Doha’s leading personal stylists tells us how to rock the geometric look

Q I like geometric patterns and want to know the best way to wear them with my body type. I’m 173cm tall (5 feet 8 inches) with a quite slim, angular figure. Rose, Doha

A Wearing geometric patterns can be very challenging as you might be exaggerating your features. You might be very angular with a boyish or athletic figure, with shoulders broader than the hips, or you may be broader at your hips and smaller in the shoulders, but regardless of your body type the key is creating a sense of balance.

If you’re wider at the hips, wear the pattern on the top half of your body, and if you’re wider at the top, wear patterns on the lower half of your body. Look for inventive combinations of diamonds, circles and hexagons in blouses, dresses, skirts, tops and pants that will work for you in terms of your taste and body type.  

For people with angular body types, I suggest that you add softness through choice of material and the way your clothes drape.
INFO: Elisabete Reis is one of Doha’s leading personal stylists, a certified image consultant and founder of Glam Your Image ( ). Email your style questions to