Qatar Treatment Review: Eforea Signature Correcting Facial

Jessica tests it out
ByJessica Bailey Ackerman Tuesday , 25 February 2014
Qatar Treatment Review: Eforea Signature Correcting Facial
Hilton Doha's Eforea Spa may be in busy West Bay, but it feels like a world away

WHAT: A results-based facial using organic products and micro-currents
WHERE: Eforea Spa, Hilton Doha, 4423 3441
HOW LONG: 90 minutes

THE TREATMENT: Situated footsteps from the beach, Eforea Spa is a welcome slice of serenity in West Bay. I booked in for the spa’s signature correcting facial, which is designed to target a range of skin concerns, from oily congestion to uneven skin tone.

Therapist Nima began by adjusting the bed electronically to comfortably match the curve of my spine and turning on a heated blanket. After I was settled, Nima applied a cream then a gel for a really deep cleanse, using organic products from Kerstin Florian. She applied an exfoliating peel, constantly massaging my face and neck. 

The next stage – extraction –  involved trying to unclog my unfortunately large pores. Then, once the exfoliator was removed, Nima applied a vitamin-rich raspberry extract, to naturally hydrate and balance the skin. I then enjoyed a face massage with Neroli oil, a plant extract traditionally used for its soothing properties, before it was time for technology to take over. 

The ‘K-lift machine’, a gizmo that uses impulse micro-currents conducted from a rod-like tool, is used to help products penetrate deeper into your skin. The machine has different settings which are changed based on the skin type of the customer. After this, the treatment was rounded off with a mask and a vitamin C serum.

THE RESULTS: My skin felt soft, perky and very clean. My pores appeared smaller, a welcome result.