6 things to keep you entertained at home this month

Turn a boring weekend in, into a relaxing staycation
ByLeungo Phirinyane Thursday , 12 March 2020
6 things to keep you entertained at home this month

With COVID-19 contagion, UAE residents are being urged to stay indoors and minimise non-essential travel. 

So if you're doing the right thing, and staying in,  here are a few things you could do to keep busy.

Pamper yourself 
Give yourself a little TLC, and get a sheet mask for the day because skin-care is always a good way to pass time. It'll leave your skin feeling and looking good + it saves you a lot of money. 

Try a sheet mask from Amazon like this one for only AED7.90: Garnier Chamomile Hydrating Face Tissue Mask for Dry and Sensitive skin

Do some yoga
Plugin some healing music and do some yoga. It'll leave you feeling stretched, refreshed and hopefully in a calmer mind frame to deal with all that's going on.

You can find some handy tutorials on YouTube, so it won't cost you a cent. 

Cook a hearty meal
Cooking a nice, warm and hearty meal will put you in high spirits. 

It's time you learnt a new recipe, try something different, to test your skills. 

Read a book
Its good to unplug from your phone sometimes, more especially now that everything on the news is so depressing. So we suggest you read a book. It doesn't have to be something educational - it could be something fictional, religious, or even spiritual. 

We get it... Sometimes you just want to lay in bed with a big bowl of popcorn and binge-watch your favourite shows. So we took the liberty of compiling some new releases we think are worth the watch so check them out at AhlanLive.com. 

Play boardgames with your fam

We've compiled a list of fun games you can play with your peeps, from kids to adults-only. 

Check out the list here.