Stray cat in Dubai survives being shot by airgun

Stray cat in Dubai survives being shot by airgun

05 Jan 2020

Animal lovers are outraged

The young ginger and white male had a single pellet removed from his right foreleg after being spotted limping in the Al Warqa area of the city. The cat, which is between one and a half and two years old, was operated on by vets last week.

Rescuers found two other similar wounds on the animal, also thought to have been caused by airgun pellets.

Dr Khaled Sheta, of Pet Lovers Veterinary Clinic in Dubai, treated the cat, which has since been named Bullet.

In May, Animal Action UAE, which helps rescue strays, revealed a puppy had been shot dead in Abu Dhabi. Other recent instances of animal cruelty involved cats having their tails cut off.

In October last year, the Government said that cases involving the torture and abuse of animals, or actions “causing [their] exhaustion” would attract a Dh1,000 fine.