Real Life: "Strangers Paid for My Surgery!"

Gemini Smith hated her boyish figure but couldn’t afford an enlargement op… until she found a website persuading willing ‘investors’ to pay for it!
,Lauren Steadman
Monday , 28 April 2014
Real Life: "Strangers Paid for My Surgery!"
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When Gemini Smith was at high school, she couldn’t help noticing the other girls’ curves. Small and skinny, her chest was a modest 34A – and she wasn’t happy. “When I was 16 I just didn’t develop at all,” says the petite brunette. “All the other girls in my gym class had decent-sized chests, but I looked like a 12-year-old boy.” As years went by, her pancake-flat physique caused more anxiety, even affecting her social life. “It was awful,” she remembers. “I’d always been bullied in school and this knocked my confidence even more. I used to wear big jumpers to cover everything up.”

Gemini before the operation

Desperate Measures

As she entered her twenties, Gemini became more and more unhappy. Although daunted by the cost, she was convinced implants were the answer – and she had to have them right away. “I’d always said I wanted a boob job, but when I started working I couldn’t save up the kind of money needed in the timescale I wanted, because I was so desperate,” said Gemini, an undertaker. She’d saved just a fraction of the Dhs28,000 she needed, but her hopes were boosted when she came across a website that lets people put money towards cosmetic surgery for women who can’t afford it. In return for their ‘donations’, they get to ‘meet’ the recipients online. “The website looked really genuine, with the possibility to do what I wanted to do, the way I wanted to do it,” she says. “When I raised the amount I was absolutely over the moon!”

A Growing Phenomenon
The concept started in America and it’s gaining popularity – Gemini’s thought to be among thousands using social media to attract would-be benefactors. On the site, women create a profile with photos detailing why they want a breast augmentation and why they can’t afford it. Men, called ‘benefactors’, then buy ‘chat credits’ that allow them to talk to girls through private messages or face-to-face via webcams. They also have the option to make larger donations to the women of their choice. Gemini, from England, joined the site last July and spoke to dozens of men and women a week, getting a few dirhams for each message she received. She added: “It’s more like a social network site. Because of the nature of what you want to have done, people expect you – or want you – to show or do something. Personally, I didn’t do anything I didn’t want to for money, I just said, ‘if you’re going to help me and talk to me then it’s because you like me for me, not for what I can do. I made quite a few genuine friends on there who I can talk to about anything and everything.”

She Met Mr Right Online
Amazingly, Gemini managed to raise her target sum in just three months. After reaching her total, the money went straight to the surgeon she’d chosen and she had the boob job soon afterwards. Now a 34DD, she finally has the womanly figure she’d always dreamed of. It’s boosted her confidence so much that she’s since got engaged to a man she’d been chatting to on Facebook. “If I could do it again, I would – it was a great place to meet people and it has just made me so much happier,” she says. “I just wanted to look like I was born with them all developed, really. I didn’t want to look ‘over the top’, and the surgeon was so nice. I can finally wear low-cut tops and feel good about myself, although I still find myself covering up out of habit. The surgery was just for me, not for anyone else, and it’s raised my confidence much more than I could have hoped for. If anyone asked me if they should do the same, I’d tell them to go for it straight away. It’s the best decision that I ever made.” 

The surgery boosted Gemini's confidence


These stars obviously didn't think so, opting for size reductions after their ops

Victoria Beckham
It’s thought that Victoria had her first augmentation in 1999 following the birth of Brooklyn, ballooning her natural 34As to bouncy 34DDs. For years she denied having had the surgery, until finally admitting to Vogue UK that her “torpedo bazookas” had gone. Recent photos appearing to show her with a smaller chest suggest she’s gone back to her natural size.

Pamela Anderson
The former Baywatch babe owes much of her fame to her substantial implants, but had them removed in 1999. She said: “I just wanted my body to return to its original state.” However, apparently not content with the natural look, she later had them enlarged again, pumping them up to a double-D cup.

Tori Spelling
In an interview with Good Morning America three years ago, the then-pregnant actress said: “I got my boobs done in my early twenties and if I’d known it could impact production of milk, I would never have had them.” She’d previously told Us Weekly: “When I was 19, a doctor put in bigger implants than what I asked for.” After three further ops, the 40-year-old says she’s finally happy with their size.

Heidi Montag
Three years after undergoing 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day, including size-F breast implants, the former Hills star downsized to a C cup, having suffered with backache, neck problems and numbness in her arms. The 27-year-old admitted to Us mag: “I definitely regret the surgeries… I was young and in such an unstable situation in my life with so much pressure.”

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