Stranger Things season 2: the new trailer is here to BLOW YOUR MIND

The Upside Down is back and darker than ever
ByEllen KerrySunday , 23 July 2017
Stranger Things season 2: the new trailer is here to BLOW YOUR MIND

If you didn't binge watch Stranger Things over summer last year, what were you doing with your life?! The 80s-themed thrill-fest took over our lives in July 2016. As soon as we got to the end of the final episode (which was SERIOUSLY anxiety-inducing) we wanted more. Finally, after months of obsessing we have a slice of what's to come for the residents of Hawkins.

Stranger Things season 2 is set to hit Netflix on 27 October, just in time for Halloween. Earlier this year a mini trailer launched, giving us the smallest taste of what's next.

Stranger Things 2 will hit Netflix ready for Halloween

With the cast and crew all working hard at this year's Comic Con, Netflix have dropped a newer LONGER trailer and we just can't DEAL.

Set in 1984, the citizen's of Hawkins think that their troubles with the monstrous Demogorgon are over... Geuss what? They're SO not. Will, who spent the majority of the first season in the Upside Down, is seeing things. Eleven appears to be IN the Upside Down. And Winona Ryder is still brilliant.

Roll on 27 October...

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