The 'Stranger Things' boys think the show shouldn't go beyond five seasons

17 Jun 2019

We love the honesty

Stranger Things star Noah Shnapp has called for the hit science fiction horror series to wrap up after a couple more seasons.

Schnapp, along with co-stars Finn Wolfhard and Gaten Matarazzo - who play teenagers Will, Mike and Dustin in the show, talked about the success of the hit Netflix series ahead of its third season during a chat with Entertainment Tonight at the 2019 MTV Movie & TV Awards on 15 June. 

And when asked when they think the show should end, Noah answered: "Probably like, five (seasons)."I think we should stop whenever the story feels like it needs to be completed," Gaten offered. "I don't think any story should be pushed. If there's no more story, there's no more story."

Finn agreed, adding: "I think we only need one more to like, tie it all up. Either one or two more. At least one more to tie it all up." The actor went on to laud the show's creators, Matt and Ross Duffer, but insisted the stars of the show had no idea what was in store for their characters beyond the current season.

Season three of Stranger Things drops on July 4.