Store Cupboard Essentials: Green Pesto

It's just what you need for a delicious party starter
Wednesday , 05 September 2012
Store Cupboard Essentials: Green Pesto
Green Pesto

Before you think I’ve gone mad, I can promise you that pasta will not even be mentioned (however if you’re not aware – adding a jar of pesto, some chopped fresh tomato and a sprinkling of parsley to fresh pasta is simply the best) as there are so many other ways you can use it.
With the hot summer raging outside, I love making salads and adding a tablespoon of pesto to a potato salad gives it a really lovely makeover. Just make the dish as you would (using jersey royals, good quality mayonnaise and some finely chopped spring onions) and then add in as much pesto as you fancy to the cream mixture. This is amazing if you serve it with steamed salmon and a green salad.
Another idea is to smear some onto filo pastry and then top up with tomato slices, some goat’s cheese and fresh basil. Follow the pastry cooking instructions and you have a delicious dinner party starter or light dinner.