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Patak’s Garam Masala Paste is a must-have
Wednesday , 05 September 2012
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Patak’s Garam Masala Paste

I’m not going to even try and claim that I know how to cook Indian food but in my pathetic attempts to introduce the spice and aroma of the subcontinent into my dishes, I’ve discovered the ultimate shortcut in Patak’s Garam Masala Paste.
Better than the dried variety (I’ve tried both), this paste has all the flavour you need in a handy jar. Quick and simple weeknight recipes to try with it include:
Marinate a salmon steak with a dessert spoon of the paste for half an hour. Dry fry it in a non-stick frying pan and serve with salad, cous cous and a simple raita (just mix a small pot of yoghurt with grated cucumber, salt and pepper and a crushed clove of garlic and chopped coriander).
For a quick chicken curry, cut up a breast and marinate in a dessert spoon of paste and a small pot of yoghurt. While it’s marinating, fry some onions and peppers before adding the chicken and cooking through. Add a tin of tomatoes some salt and pepper. When ready, stir in some fresh coriander and serve with rice.