The Stig is finally unmasked

The Stig Revealed

02 Sep 2010

Identity of Top Gear’s mysterious racer is uncovered

It was a sad day yesterday for avid Top Gear fans, and the show’s three hosts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, when the secret identity of The Stig was finally revealed. The silent character who had entertained fans for seven years with his supreme driving skills and ability to teach celebrities how to drive like racers was found to be racing driver and stuntman Ben Collins.

The revelation came after the BBC failed to obtain an injunction stopping Collins from releasing an autobiography in which he details his time as the mysterious character on the hit TV series. Members of the broadcasting company took their case to London’s High Court where they hoped judges would agree that the character’s identity should be concealed. But for reasons unknown, the request was rejected and now the world knows the man behind the black visor.

The Stig was hugely popular for the Stars in a Reasonably Priced Car segment where he instructed such celebrities as Mark Wahlberg, Hugh Grant and more recently Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise.

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